~Your fitness destination in downtown Helena~

50 Minute Fitness is a group fitness studio in downtown Helena.  Our new studio is the go-to place in Helena for fitness classes. Our goal is to create a destination for your fitness that is what you want, when you want it and where you want it!

The premise behind 50 Minute Fitness is to offer many different types of fitness styles that will fit easily into your schedule.  You can come in and get a total workout in 50 minutes and still have time to get to and from work, or incorporate a workout into your busy retirement schedule.  There's something for everyone.

In addition to our regular schedule of classes, 50 Minute Fitness offers special workshops.  We have recently finished our 6th TRX Bootcamp and our 5th session of Forward Motion Fitness, a fitness class for people with movement disorders. We had a 6 a.m. class between Thanksgiving and Christmas called, 12 Days of Fitness, and leading up to Valentine's Day, we had a special course of Burlesque.  

We have had a couples' foot massage class, a 4-week special massage series, "Self-Care 101" and will be having a 2 hour mini Self-Care 101 class on March 29. (see announcements page for more info)

Stay tuned for ongoing classes and special workshops.

50 Minute Fitness is located in a beautiful space dedicated to group fitness classes, featuring a new shock absorbing fitness floor, wall to wall mirrors, bathrooms and changing area.  We offer an exciting array of classes: PowerPump, Cardio Fusion,  50 50 Fit, Pilates, QiGong, Target Zen, and TRX!

You can find us at #2 Last Chance Gulch, Helena, Montana, in the Livestock Building.  Enter the Livestock Building from the north side, just across the patio from The Quarry bar. 
The Women's Mural is on the south side of the Livestock Building.

50 Minute Fitness introduces massage therapist, Jayme (Watson) Klehfoth, specializing in Thai and table massage.  Go to ANNOUNCEMENTS and ABOUT US pages for more information.

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